About Us

Barefoot Teacher was founded by Nazeem and Kariema Lowe in 2006. They see Barefoot Teacher as the logical outcome of a lifetime of social activism. As its name implies, Barefoot Teacher is a simple concept: “We help people succeed, sometimes on a grand scale, but more often one organisation, one project, one person, one word at a time”.


Nazeem’s main interest lies in educational publishing.  Besides developing non-fiction projects, he also writes children’s fiction.

Connecting to Nature shows how easily learners and educators can create an outdoor learning space, using simple permaculture principles and recycled materials to grow a sustainable food garden. This is the latest book in the SEEDS series of publications published by the Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU), an NGO providing high-quality training to Early Childhood Development workers in South Africa.

Paperback, 40 pages, published December 2012.

ISBN No: 978-1-920547-11-0

Wonderful Waste takes a fun but educational look at ways to reduce waste through recycling. This book will help young children to become conscious of how their use of nature’s resources impacts on the world.

It is the eighth in a series of illustrated books published by the Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU). Visit ELRU at www.elru.co.za to see how you can assist the great work that they do. To purchase this book, or Connecting to Nature, contact ELRU at tel. 021 762 7500, fax 021 762 7528 or email info@elru.co.za.

Paperback, 48 pages, published November 2012.

ISBN No: 987-1-920547-10-3

 Ballerina Jenny was Nazeem’s first published book. It was included in a graded series of books in boxed sets for primary schools called ‘Rainbow Reading’. The series, or any part thereof, can be purchased from the publisher or any major book distributor.

Rainbow Reading Level 5 – Pattern: Ballerina Jenny Box B

Paperback, 24 pages, published March 2009.

ISBN-13: 9780521745741

Ever since she was very little, all Jenny ever wanted was to be a ballerina. But her feet kept growing, until they were far too big for ballet. Jenny was heartbroken. Until the day the circus came to town and she saw a clown with the BIGGEST FEET she’d ever seen! That very day Jenny joined the circus and became … Ballerina Jenny, the dancing clown.

To purchase this book, search Cambridge University Press catalogue at http://www.cambridge.org or contact Cambridge University Press, South Africa: tel 021 412 7800, fax 021 419 8418 or send an email to capetown@cambridge.org