A Brand New Day

Welcome to the blog of Barefoot Teacher. At first I thought we’d blog about communication challenges in the development sector in which we work. But then, listening to Curtis Mayfield one morning, I realised that it would be more positive to focus on the solutions that people were finding to problems; to celebrate their hope and faith as responses to adversity.

We see our clients and associates finding solutions all the time, using the same pragmatic optimism that drove the barefoot doctor programme in China, and all the ‘barefoot’ initiatives that succeeded elsewhere. A children’s centre starts a food garden, a young person organises her peers in philanthropy, a friend begins to sell organic produce direct from the farmer. These social entrepreneurs are proving that the will and commitment of individuals and small groups can make sustainable change happen, whatever the obstacles.

People from all walks of life are growing powerful networks and sharing resources and views through the internet and social media, and they’re no longer looking to governments, political parties, corporations and armies for solutions. So this blog is going to be about celebrating the ordinary people who are empowering themselves by doing extraordinary things.

As Curtis preached it:

“There’s still light in the world, come rejoice with me,

It’s a new day.

A new world order, a brand new day,

A change of mind for the human race.”

  • Ingrid Meintjes

    Congratulations on your excellent website! And thank you to Kariema of Barefoot Teacher for the invaluable, empowering support you have, and continue to provide to our organisation. Perinatal Mental Health Project, University of Cape Town